Saturday, October 03, 2009

Training Swim/Ride

Question for you guys - how do you turn an Open Water Swim into a HARD Open Water Swim? How do you turn a HARD up hill bike ride into a HARDER up hill bike ride??? Well, just in case you can't answer the question, I'll tell you... ADD WIND!!!

OMG, it was SOOOOOO incredibly windy today!!! The waves were HUGE, but after my bike ride, they were even HUGER, so I shouldn't complain... it was hard to swim against the waves, but it was nice swimming back with them I soooo didn't feel like doing ANYTHING today - I told my friend that I didn't feel like riding, but after the swim, I got my bike ready, and we headed out... The good news, is that I didn't have to stop and walk at the same place I did last time, but I did stop and take LOTS of rests along the way... we FINALLY got to the top of the hill according to my watch it was an hour and 15 minutes... and I was told we had gone 7 miles - It felt like 15!!!

There was a guy taking a rest break where I had to stop last time, and I saw him taking another break on my way back down... at least I'm faster than someone

I felt bad for my friends that had to wait for me at each turn and at the top... I guess they didn't mind the breaks either... 2 weeks til I have to do this route in a race

It was FUN coming back down the hill , but unfortunately, we don't get to do that in the race, the bike is a point-to-point... at least I heard the run is flat... but I've seen some RD's idea of flat, and it's usually different than my idea of flat...
I had taken my running shoes with me, but decided my legs had enough, so I'll save my running til tomorrow's 10 miler...

This isn't the exact route as we took a path that's not on Mapmyrun, but you'll get the idea...

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