Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Starting again

Official Team in Training Olympic Triathlon training started yesterday with a 20 minute run. I did 1.65 miles in the morning - felt strange to be running in the morning, but felt good that I woke up and did it! Today I have 15 minute swim on the schedule. Last time I swam, I did 30 minutes - all 50's with a 30 second break between laps... so today, I'm going to try to swim all 15 minutes with no breaks... I'll probably rotate between free & breast... see how many laps I can complete.

I bought cycling shoes and clipless pedals last night... I haven't gotten them installed yet... we'll see how I do when I try them, I'm thinking I'll fall at least once... hey if I plan on it, maybe it won't happen??? one can hope.

Not much else going on, except I did create some awesome and somewhat attainable 2009 goals (the trick is to make a goal using the number 2009):

Lose 20.09 pounds
bike 2009 kilometers
swim 200.9 kilometers
run 200.9 miles each quarter (Jan-Mar,Apr-Jun,Jul-Sep,Oct-Dec) - total miles = 803.6

Those goals on top of my Level 3 stretches and Star plan... I'll be busy ;)