Saturday, October 31, 2009

Hoover Dam Half Marathon

This was the longest distance I have run post stress fractures in May of '08... it feels good to be back!

I have been training for the LV Half Marathon on December 6th, but I wanted to overtrain the distance, so I had 13 miles on my schedule for this weekend, and 15 next weekend, then a taper... so I decided to do this race as a supported training run.

According to my Garmin, 1897 feet ascent and 1853 descent - I don't know why it's so far off since we started & finished in the same place, but you get the idea... it was HILLY... and it was HOT... one of the Volunteers came on FB and complained of getting a sunburn... but it was a beautiful day for a run!

I finished in a SLOW 2:58:16... my goal was under 3:00 (or should I say 3:11:23 - I had a dream this was my finish time) so I made it Still this was my slowest Half ever (PW) oh well... The good news, NO SHIN PAIN YAYAYAYAYAY

Here's a couple of pictures I took on the way...

We headed down to Hoover Dam - this is a picture I took of the new road under construction - the road will sit on top of that arch - I remember when the arch wasn't complete... pretty cool to watch this road being built... it'll be cool to run on that road when it's finished! I took the picture from the switchbacks (no passing on the switchbacks) overlooking the parking lot... you can see that we ran across the parking lot, then down to the next level, where the pro's took our picture with the Dam in back of us... I hope it turns out good!

This is how beautiful the lake looked today... too bad I didn't bring my suit, great day to take a dip!

This is the coolest medal ever!

out on the course somewhere

in front of the Dam

FINISHER with medal

Thanks for reading - and Thanks for all of the support over the past year and a half... I don't think I would have continued running after my injury if it wasn't for all of my support... you guys are AWESOME!