Thursday, June 25, 2009

Sometimes it hurts to be a Parent

The strange part is, the one who needs help doesn't ask for help... therefore getting deeper and deeper into trouble... when if he asked for help first, he would be in less of a Jam, and it's help I could and would be willing to give... the one who is complaining is the one who is a self-sufficient college student who also works... He thinks I should help his Brother, and is Angry that I don't... I don't help him, why does he demand that I help his brother??? I told him yesterday that if his Brother had to go to jail, then that's what he'll have to do... will I be happy? NO... but it's his own darn fault, and I'm not gonna "fix" it for him! So, what did the kid do? He drove a motorcycle without liability insurance... got a ticket, and let it go to warrant... STUPID!!! And of course I didn't find out til yesterday... now he's driving a car with no license plate, and if he gets pulled over, he'll go to jail... I tried to get it registered yesterday, but there's a problem with the title. It's just a MESS...But, I'm not gonna pay the ticket that has a warrant, when it would have cost next to nothing to insure the motorcycle or prove to the court that he only had the thing for 2 days... HIS problem!

So, which one is more adult? The one who takes care of himself and asks for help when he needs it? Or the one who doesn't ask for help and gets himself into trouble... LOL... either way, they ARE adults, and I intend to keep them that way... just sometimes it hurts to be their parent...