Sunday, June 28, 2009

I joined "The Club" today

Well, I joined the club! Yep, I unclicked on the right, and fell over on the left... nothing I could do but start laughing!!!

OK.. I do things in style... it was toward the end of a LONG HOT bike ride, and I was at mile 18.9...where I stopped to catch my breath... looking at a HUGE hill, and I had about 2 - 3 more miles to go, but I was SOOOOO done! So, I said, if I could make it to 19 miles... so I clipped in... just then, my friend came riding down the hill to see if I was okay... she turned around... I decided I wasn't gonna make it, unclicked, and fell over RIGHT IN FRONT OF MY FRIEND AND ANOTHER RIDER... AND a Truck pulled up and gave me a ride to the top... I was SOOOOO DONE!!! got back to my car, it was 98* out...

so I guess I had a couple of firsts today - first time I fell, and first time I quit on a ride... nothing is broken but a bit of my pride... I'll live