Friday, May 08, 2009

Another DNS (Did not start)

Last night I had an appt with my LRS to buy new shoes... my salesman, James, has followed all of my injuries/frustrations with me for 2 years... so, when I walk in, he had someone there waiting for me with a consultation - what a guy! This man was a MASTER Personal trainer... REALLY knows his stuff, knows about muscles, etc. First thing he noticed is how swollen my right leg was... I had noticed that yesterday morning too, and felt some tenderness where I had my sfx last year... he started pressing on my legs and I went through the roof! (something my PT didn't do in the eval ) He suggested that perhaps my sfx isn't healed??? OR maybe I have another one??? (The MRI was negative a year ago) Then, he turned me over and started massaging my calfs... again, I went through the roof - PAINFUL!!! I even yelled "UNCLE"... Then he watched me run, and said I run very unevenly from my right side to my left side... hmmmm

The 3 of us came to the conclusion that my PT was NOT done as I am NOT recovered enough from the injury to participate in ANY running or cycling yet, nevermind a race! I'm just gonna add this DNS to my collection of DNS's... I think I have more DNS than Finishes!!!

There was GOOD news... he said I'm fixable!!! It'll be a VERY painful fix, but doable! The other good news, I got new shoes!!! Asics Gel Kayanos