Monday, October 18, 2010

1st place in Dragon Boat Races - oh yeah

I hardly ever write in my Blog unless it's about a race or something... but as I was writing in the Penguins Thread this morning, I decided to copy it to here... I think I'll do that daily :)

Saturday afternoon, My company participated in Dragon Boat Races to raise money & awareness for Breast Cancer... we had 2 teams this year... The format of the race was that everyone got to race twice and the 6 teams with the best times would race-off at the end... We went into the finals with the 2 best times of the day! So, our two teams raced each other in the finals, and our boat won... we took 1st place! our other boat didn't do so well and took 6th place overall... still, I got to add another medal to my collection - it's getting rather large.

Sunday, our local biking club had an anniversary ride and all of the proceeds went to the MS society. We had a choice of 20 or 40 mile rides - I chose the 40 miler (of course) I did pretty good considering the challenging hills... after the ride, they provided a yummy lunch with cake and sodas and of course good friends... then they raffled off many, many prizes - each participant got 3 raffle tickets with the chance to purchase more - I bought an extra 12 tickets for $10... I won twice! I got a $15 gift certificate for a RoadID (about time I got one - you think?) and I won a $200 bike light that I'll sell because I already have a light that I like... all in all a good day!

Last Night, we had thunder & lightening & rain, my dog FREAKED out and kept me up half the night...