Friday, November 07, 2008

Triathlon Training

Yep, I decided to go for it... I have a few to choose from - Rage in the Sage in April, IronGirl in May and then there's one in September... hmmmmmm.... for now, I've got all 3 on my schedule :eek:

WOW, I thought training for a Marathon was hard... I had NO Clue! I have to fit in 3 runs, 3 swims, 2 cycling, 2 weight training sessions in each week... The schedule I put together looks like this:

Monday - off (or bike)
Tuesday - swim & run
Wednesday - bike & weights
Thursday - swim & run
Friday - bike (or off)
Saturday - long run & yoga
Sunday- swim & weights

So far, so good... although last night, I did my run and didn't feel well, so I skipped my swim... I'll be adding it to tonights work-out. At least I allow myself some flexibility!

All of my work-outs are getting recorded on and my runs get recorded on my excel spreadsheet... my Garmin workouts get recorded on the Garmin Software... hmmmmm I'm well documented on this journey...