Thursday, January 10, 2008

First week of training

Well, I have really decided to do it! And it WILL happen this time! I have already signed up and paid the money for the Ogden Marathon on May 17. So, I started my training schedule to start on December 31.

The first week of training went like this: I did my 3 mile easy run on Monday on the treadmill. On Wednesday I did my first ever tempo run. I had scheduled myself to do 3 miles tempo after a 1 mile warm-up and a 1 mile warm-down (is that what they call it?). Anyway, after re-doing my schedule several times, I ended up only doing 2 miles tempo at 12 min miles. It was HARD! The speed was based on my 5k performance, and not my Half Marathon performance. I think from now on, I will base my tempo training on my Half Marathon performance. This comes to a 12:30 mile. I'll be trying 3 miles at that pace for my next tempo run.

Then on Thursday, I worked out with a personal trainer. Turns out he worked at giving me a weight training program, and I only did 1/3 of it. I got through it GREAT! I liked him!

On Sunday, I had my first long run with the Roadrunners Winter Group. Woohoo!! I did 6 easy miles... it felt good to be outside! My Garmin was still set for indoor running, but I didn't figure that out until half way through my run. So, it was telling me 0 miles and 0 mph. hmmmmm. I couldn't rely on the watch for pace, etc. When I figured out why it wasn't working, I turned it on at mile 3... Ended up, I ran a bit too fast (According to the charts my pace should be 13:40 - 14:00/mile) I ran it at 12:29/mile. Ended up taking 1 hour 16 minutes! and I still felt good! :-)

So, After a great run on Sunday, I ended up taking an nap Sunday Afternoon... probably because I woke up sooooo early on Sunday Morning to do the run, and didn't get enough sleep. So, once again, I went to bed too late on Sunday Night and had to wake up VERY early on Monday to get Jerry to the airport. I started my 9 day isagenix cleanse on Monday with 2 pre-cleanse days planned. So, after a full day of work, with little food, and even less sleep, I did the full weight training program that Eddie outlined... it was challenging to say the least! Then I did an "Easy" 2 mile run on the track at LVAC. Then I went to do my abs work... did not go well.

My 2nd pre-cleanse day went well on Tuesday, and so did work. Then, I decided to take an "Easy" Swim 101 class at LVAC. It was HARD!! I guess a combination of being sore from my weight training, being tired (I got about 6 hours sleep), and not very much food during the day. I left the class half way through, and I had trouble lifting my arms up to wash my hair!

So, you would think I slept well on Tuesday Night??? Guess Again... I could not put down my book, and I ended up not going to sleep until about 2 am... then woke up early on Wednesday...

First cleanse day... Tired, worn out... work went lousy... hardly got anything done! Wednesday I had my first speed workout (Yasso 800) scheduled. The theory is that if I can do 10 repeats of an 800 at 5 minutes and 30 seconds, I should be able to complete the Marathon at 5 hours and 30 minutes. So, to build up to this, I started at 3 repeats. After some deliberation, I decided to do them on the track instead of a treadmill. I warmed up with a half mile (Of course my schedule calls for a full mile warm up) then I did my first 800. I was amazed that I got right to the correct pace quickly, and I was truly amazed that I kept the pace for the full 800 Meters (1/2 mile). cool... one down... the 2nd repeat went well too... the 3rd one was BAD... I felt like I was gonna puke! I quit after 400 M (1/4 mile). I cooled down for a half mile, and called it a day. 2.6 miles out of the 4 that were on my schedule. Oh well... there will be better days.

I slept like a rock last night... Day 2 of the cleanse... Tonght I will try another swim class. Oy...