Wednesday, November 05, 2008

After the Marathon

I know, I'm lousy at blogging... I just posted my race report... so much for following training... Maybe some day, I'll get some posts for in between the training & the race, but for now... that's what I have.

The day after the Marathon, my right leg swelled up something aweful... it was difficult to walk on it, it was VERY painful... After several trips to Doctors, and several tests & several weeks later, I was diagnosed with having 2 stress fractures on my tibia...

I did 2 weeks on crutches, and took 3 months off of running.

Now to avoid another stress fracture, I'm adding more x-training to my running. I'm training for a triathlon. Why not? I can run a Marathon, I can do ANYTHING I set my mind to!!!

Ogden Marathon Race Report (May 17, 2008)

Sorry this is going on my blog so many months later... but oh well...

Training didn't quite go as planned, maybe some day I will talk about that, but for now, it was enough to get me to the finish line... here's how my race went:

In the morning, I met up with a friend from online to take the bus to the starting line, she forgot her timing chip... so we asked about it, and they said we can get one at the starting line, so we got on the bus together and chatted all the way to the start line. It was nice to have someone to ride with.

We get off the bus, and ask about the chips, they don't have them... so we go to the Port-a-John... warm-up a bit by the fire...Port-a-john again... then it's time to line-up... she still has no chip...I put my jacket in my bag.... throw it in the truck, take 2 Advil as my ankle/shin is still hurting (been hurting all week) I go line up toward the back, and she stays in front... she FINALLY got a chip and found me in line. And in a matter of minutes, we're off! I think worrying about her chip was a GREAT distraction for me.

I didn't want to go out fast... in fact ALL advice says go out slow... so I did... Where are they all going? Don't THEY know they have to run 26.2 miles?

I still went out a bit faster than planned... first mile: 12:20 and I'm in DEAD LAST PLACE already The sheriff was right behind me... I felt like MickeyD (winner of the Flying Pig Marathon) in reverse... I had my own pace car Slowly, I did catch up with others... I ran with a couple for a while, and they were nice enough to listen to the LONG version of how I got started running.

It was a beautiful run... I stopped to walk and take a picture...

Miles 2-7, I took it slow - TOO SLOW - What's wrong with me? I can't seem to move.. Somewhere, the Sheriff escort passed us and said he was going up to "The Pack" we were on our own... "Stay to the Right and listen for cars" - I'm barely started, and I'm behind the barricade - sheesh

Finally around mile 8-10, I felt like I found my legs, I left the couple, and caught up and passed a couple of people... where did this hill come from? There's only 1 Hill, and it's not til mile 14 I push on...

Around mile 11, my ankle does something strange... OH NO... can I even finish? Whew... pain is over fast... I get to the Half way point at 2:53... a bit behind my 13mm ave... I can still hit near 5:40 if I keep this pace... But, I go to port-a-john, double back for more water and take 2 Advil... 2:57 when I start running again - There goes my 5:40... now to shoot for 6:00.

Around mile 16, I see a guy who stopped to stretch... I catch up to him, and ask if he's cramping... I happened to have 2 packs of electrolyte tabs with me, so I give him one... I hope it helped him! My plan was to take Gu & water only, and if I cramped to pop the electrolyte... I felt GREAT so far, so giving one pack away was OK.

At mile 17, I MADE IT TO THE CUT-OFF... I can finish! I start the REAL downhill part now... It's a beautiful run through the canyon. At mile 18, someone asked how I was, and I said "surprising still good"

At around mile 20, I feel a bit of cramping... so, I break out the other electrolyte tabs, and I can't get it open.. I ask a volunteer to open it, and he can't get it open either, good thing they had bananas, so I had a banana and pushed on...

Mile 22, I got the sense that I was gonna make it...I still felt pretty good, and I only have a bit over 4 to go! I'm running along a river, and I'm thinking of TN Tim (one of my online buds) ... wanting to jump off a bridge at this point... I didn't want to die, but the water looked nice and cool. I come out of the aid station, and look up, and there's the water-fall...

At mile 24, I catch up to a man, we walk together for a few... He says, If I have ANY legs left, I can still make 6... so I start chasing 6... I didn't have much legs left

FINALLY mile 25.9ish...I can see the finish line... Then I see Jerry and his brother and his Nephew! I run up and get HUGS!! They run the last .2 with me - Yes, I ran the last .2 I hear the announcer say, "It's 6 hours and we still have people coming in, They didn't leave us, and we're not gonna leave them" The next thing I hear, "Now finishing, Diane Altschuler from Las Vegas"

I DID IT! 06:02:51.33...

Got my medal, and they took my chip... Lady from the medical tent looked at me and asked if I was alright... through my tears, I said, "Yes, just emotional, this was my first marathon!"I get to the finishers area... and take a couple of pics...

Then, I see Debbie (the girl from the bus) she finished in 5 hours and waited for me

I eat a bit, pick up my bag, stretch a bit, got a leg massage, took more pictures

We're about to leave, and I felt like a black-out, got dizzy and nauseous... I told the guys I didn't feel well, and made my way to the Medical Tent... they laid me down with my feet up...took my BP... it was 88/50, they gave me Powerade... have you ever tried to drink Powerade while laying upside down? It took a while, but my BP came up to 98/60 and they let me go... hey, better to be safe than sorry.

We drove to Jerry's Moms house, I logged on, gave my "I DID IT" posts to the Penguins and the First Time Marathoner's thread... and took a nap

I still can't believe it... I ran a fricken Marathon! I didn't make my 1st or 2nd goal (Goals: 5:40, 6:00, finish), but I FINISHED! And I'm Proud of myself ... and for the first time in my life (45 years) I'm an Athlete! (Athletes run Marathons)

1534 finishers -
last persons time 06:47:41.74.
17 DNF (Did Not Finish )
22 people finished behind me...including 1 from my AG

Therefore, I passed 42 people during the race - 3 people passed me back right at the end.

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