Sunday, June 28, 2009

I joined "The Club" today

Well, I joined the club! Yep, I unclicked on the right, and fell over on the left... nothing I could do but start laughing!!!

OK.. I do things in style... it was toward the end of a LONG HOT bike ride, and I was at mile 18.9...where I stopped to catch my breath... looking at a HUGE hill, and I had about 2 - 3 more miles to go, but I was SOOOOO done! So, I said, if I could make it to 19 miles... so I clipped in... just then, my friend came riding down the hill to see if I was okay... she turned around... I decided I wasn't gonna make it, unclicked, and fell over RIGHT IN FRONT OF MY FRIEND AND ANOTHER RIDER... AND a Truck pulled up and gave me a ride to the top... I was SOOOOO DONE!!! got back to my car, it was 98* out...

so I guess I had a couple of firsts today - first time I fell, and first time I quit on a ride... nothing is broken but a bit of my pride... I'll live

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Sometimes it hurts to be a Parent

The strange part is, the one who needs help doesn't ask for help... therefore getting deeper and deeper into trouble... when if he asked for help first, he would be in less of a Jam, and it's help I could and would be willing to give... the one who is complaining is the one who is a self-sufficient college student who also works... He thinks I should help his Brother, and is Angry that I don't... I don't help him, why does he demand that I help his brother??? I told him yesterday that if his Brother had to go to jail, then that's what he'll have to do... will I be happy? NO... but it's his own darn fault, and I'm not gonna "fix" it for him! So, what did the kid do? He drove a motorcycle without liability insurance... got a ticket, and let it go to warrant... STUPID!!! And of course I didn't find out til yesterday... now he's driving a car with no license plate, and if he gets pulled over, he'll go to jail... I tried to get it registered yesterday, but there's a problem with the title. It's just a MESS...But, I'm not gonna pay the ticket that has a warrant, when it would have cost next to nothing to insure the motorcycle or prove to the court that he only had the thing for 2 days... HIS problem!

So, which one is more adult? The one who takes care of himself and asks for help when he needs it? Or the one who doesn't ask for help and gets himself into trouble... LOL... either way, they ARE adults, and I intend to keep them that way... just sometimes it hurts to be their parent...

Monday, June 01, 2009

My first EVER swim meet for Corporate Challenge

I've been swimming a little bit since around December... Just like in running, I'm a slow swimmer, but I'm a beginner and that's life. Then I don't know what came over me, but I signed up to swim for Corporate Challenge... WHAT WAS I THINKING??? But, my team convinced me to go out there anyway - I mean, what do I have to lose? A bit of pride maybe, but nothing else...

Well, I did it! I swam in a swim meet for corporate challenge... I got to the pool and barely warmed up and went off the blocks a couple of times to practice (I had never done that before)... Only 4 people showed up for our team, but we sat around and got to know eachother a bit. then it was time for the swim.

They started with the 200 freestyle... I found out there were only 2 people in my AG, so I was guaranteed a medal! I think it took about 3 seconds for me to get off the block once the horn sounded, then I went out WAY too fast and after 100, I was done... but I kept going and finished the swim in 4:22:70...Fastest 200 I ever swam, but I didn't find out my time til later...As expected, I took 2nd, and got a silver medal...

then it was time for the 50 breast... I missed the sign-up for it (I think I was swimming the 200 when it was announced) so, the judge let me be a write-in (Thank You Judge!) 5 people were signed up in my AG, 4 of them swam in heat 4, and then I was in heat 5.... I didn't notice their times... just went when it was my turn... I came in 2nd in my heat, but it wasn't good enough to place, I came in 5th for my AG with a time of 1:00:70. Still took 3 points for my team, but didn't get a medal.

The 100 free was fun - I was a pro by now ;) I swam it in 2:01:30!!! I was soooo excited to find out that I swam that fast! I know it's still slow, but I've been averaging 3:00/100 meters... yes this was a yard pool, but still a FAST swim for me!!! I took a default silver medal - I'll take it!

My last event was the 50 free... I swam in heat 4, and the rest of my AG swam in heat 5... so I swam in 50:84, then got out of the pool and watched my AG swim... 4 of us all together... did I see that right? Did I? Yes I did! I came in 2nd place out of 4 people!!! A LEGITIMATE Silver Medal! No default!!! I DID IT!!!

So all-in-all a good meet... I took 3 silver medals... 2 people on our team took 4 golds, and the 4th guy took 2 silvers & 2 bronze... not bad for a 4 person team! Unfortunately, Because we had such a small team, our numbers were only good for 8th place overall, and they only give points up to 6th place, but we had FUN, and I'd do it again next year - I hope to beat my times.